Do you Really Need Managed Web Hosting for WordPress?

Do you Really Need Managed Web Hosting

It seems that there are more confusions about using managed hosting or not for WordPress or any other software and application. Things become problems when you go with the wrong choice and people still ask the question every day. Beginners especially find themselves lots between companies, simply, because they have the wrong idea. Today, I’ll […]

How Easy is it to Create a WordPress Website?

easy or hard WordPress website

Web statistics estimates that every day, there dozens thousands of people who create new WordPress websites every day. That seems a huge number if you compare it to other applications. However, people still afraid about installations and other complicated things that look like another planet for beginners. In this post, I’ll tell how easy is it […]

Is Adding Icons in a Website Menu a Good Idea?

adding icons in website menu

Optimizing the website menu for better SEO benefits and amazing user experience is not a choice in these days. You have to be smart with your tools and design strategy, but when you  take the wrong way, you will miss lots of things. I’ve seen lots of sites with amazing content and they have a […]

How to Promote your Infographics Correctly and Get Noticed

promote Infographic portfolio

The web content started with text, but in these days, visual content becomes popular and also important for both, website owners and readers who shares infographics like a crazy people. That’s not a surprise if you know that companies that design these types of content make millions of dollars in a single years. However, things are completely […]

Which are the Best Themes for WordPress, and Why?

best themes for WordPress

Recently, I was testing a theme to find what it can do for speed and performance. Unfortunately, it was a poorly optimized for everything when he seller says, it’s updated and all those things. Anyway, I thought about people who might find difficulties choosing the right theme for their WordPress sites, and it’s better to […]

How to Sell Items on Amazon FBA and Build Real Business Online


There is no need to waste your time learning thousands of lessons about Amazon business, all you have to do is to think as a seller and a buyer at the same time. If you take  look at some products that people sells there, you will find that the majority are easy to use, small in […]

How to get a Pre-Installed WordPress hosting with Free Setup

Pre-Installed WordPress hosting service

If you want to start blogging or just build your blog on WordPress, you have to install the application in your server and configure all the things for better performance. That’s the case when yo have your own server, you don’t have to do all that hard work if you host your site with Inmotion […]

Things to Verify Before Buying Expired Domains

expired domain names lookup

If you’re looking for expired domain names, you can check any of the popular sites or marketplaces. There are millions of domains to buy every month and you just need to search for some minutes to find a great deal. The problem is the background of that website before that it went offline. Some sites […]