Best Way to Correct English Grammar in WordPress

Correct grammar in WordPress

When people start building their websites and blogs on WordPress, it can be easy to install plugins and setting necessary options in the dashboard. But when it comes to writing a good blog post without grammar and spelling errors, only a few tools can help. But the human proofreading still the best way to avoid common […]

How to Find Error Log in cPanel

cPanel error log

cPanel is the easiest way to manage the website files and all the options, but when you need to verify what happens like error messages and not found pages, Only the latest error log options can help. So, I’ll show you how to find that error log history in your cPanel  easily. Then, you can […]

How to Clean WordPress Database from Deleted Plugin Options

Clean deleted plugin options

The WordPress database stores all the information and options that the plugins use to make the full site works. But in the majority of cases, people try lots of plugins just to see what can these tool changes in their blogs, and in other cases, bloggers want to extend functions and so on. The common things […]

How to Protect your Original Blog Posts from Web Scrapers

protect a website from Web Scrapers

For a long time, bloggers learned that the only way to rank well in search engines is to create high-quality content, then, wait for web crawlers to index your posts later. This is the problem that web scrapers use to outrank your original content, simply because they have high page rank or sites with high crawling […]

How to Target your Blog for a Specific Country with Google

blog country targetting

The easiest way to boost your search traffic and tell Google that your site target a specific country is using a country domain such as .us or .JP and all the others. That way, Google understand that your wants a specific country to see your posts, simply because it interests them. But when you use […]

Secure Business Email Hosting: The Best Service Providers

Secure Business Email Hosting

Creating your own professional and secure business email hosting is easy if you’re hosting provider offer that service. But sometimes, people need to host their emails separately for security reasons or simply because they’re using a hosting provider without email service. Or, in other cases, because people want just to use the mailing service for their domain […]

WordPress Membership Plugin: 3 Best Tools to Choose From

WordPress Membership Plugin

Building a membership site on WordPress is just the first step to start an online business and succeed it. However, that step needs to be studied carefully to use the right tools and settings to make things professionally from the beginning one never fail. There’re a few WordPress membership plugins that you can use and in […]

SSD Web Hosting: Fast Servers with Free domain and Site Transfer

SSD Hosting

There are thousands of places to host your site or blog online. However, SSD web hosting still the best environment for fast server and better performance. That works better, especially for PHP and MySQL applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and all the others. It’s not only a matter of server speed, but also a […]