What Makes a Blog Professional, Successful and Profitable

What makes a blog successeful

If you take a look at this WordPress facts post, you will find that millions of bloggers are posting on WordPress, and even more people are creating new blogs, however a small percentage of them succeed and that’s because of their professionalism forts and the profitability of their site second. You can build thousands of […]

Best Pinterest Business and Marketing Guide for Professionals

Pinterest business guide

Social Media is a must have platform for every business that wants to succeed online and even offline. But when people start using Pinterest for business, they notice difficulties on how to market their products or even to build relations with customers.Today, I will shoe you the best Pinterest guide to learn marketing and how […]

How to Find any Song Name From a Record or Humming

Find any music Name using a Record

In times, people were listening to great music or song and they can’t find any way to download it, simply because they don’t have the name and anything as information about it. If that happened to you as well, then you have two great ways to get the name  of any song easily by using […]

Simple Proofreading Mistake that Can Harm your Blog Ranking

Worst WordPress proofreader

A few days ago, a new blogger who just started building hit  articles contacted me for a help to make the site better and clean as possible. Unfortunately, this man had no idea about any options about SEO or how to check the site for codes that can affect the SERP ranking. I started from […]

Which Host to Use for WordPress Websites?

Which Host to Use for WordPress

To be able to host a WordPress website in the right server that take care of speed and reliability, but also, your budget, you need to looks for some important things that every blog needs. But when it comes to WordPress, things can be  little confusing for many people, and that’s because of the php […]

How to Add WooCommerce to Genesis Themes in WordPress

how to add WooCommerce to Genesis

WordPress offers lots of features to build a complete online store and sell items to thousands of people without issues. But if you have a StudioPress themes then, you might find issues to add the e-commerce function to your website. That’s because of  the Genesis child themes in general comes without support with that plugins. […]

How to Create an Email Address for your Website

Email Address for your Website

After creating your blog or website, you need to think about how people can contact you. In this case, you can use any email address, but if you want to look professional, then you have to create your own website email addresses. It’s not hard and you can follow these steps and everything will be ready. […]

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number: Use the Name, Address or Email

How to Find Someone's Phone Number

In many cases, people find themselves in the need to find personal information about a person. That can be to protect themselves by knowing with whom they work, or simply to find their old friends or lovers they have missed. No matter the reasons behind that, there are a few tools to use to search […]