10 Best Affiliate Programs to Earn Extra Money

In this article I will show you the 10 best affiliate programs, to earn extra money with trusted websites. Affiliate marketing  is a very large industry with thousands of websites. You can earn residual income through affiliate programs. Indeed, there are many affiliate programs, with many ways to earn extra money, just by promoting their products. However, I will give you a clear list of best trusted affiliate programs, with a large community and good reputation.

First, you should know (if you’re newbie) that affiliate marketing needs real work to succeed, but it’s not a rocket’s science. First thing you  need to earn extra money with affiliate programs is to understand what you’re promoting, on your website or blog, I mean; promote only products or services that you really trust.

Second thing is to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog; this can be done using different ways. You can drive traffic using Google Adsense or other advertisements service. But not free ways will earn extra money.
Third thing you need is to test different methods to promote your links, that will help you ameliorate and understand your business. Now I’ve selected the best 10 affiliate programs, that I trust for the long experience and the review about all of them.


1. HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is a popular web hosting, since years, now Hostgator is the largest WordPress hosting service, with a great and fast loading time.
You earn real income from every affiliate sign-up through your link.
HostGator pays up to $125 per sale.That depends on the subscriber, and the plane chosen. However, you still earn extra money  from the highest paying commissions in the industry.

earn extra moneyPlease don’t join Hostgator’s affiliate program through any third-party, join directly the affiliate program, to avoid any problem. The minimum payout limit is $100.

2. Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer is a revolution in online payment. You can sign-up for a free prepaid master card and get your card in 30 days; best of all, you will get $25 n your card when you send, or receive at least $100. With Payoneer, you can invite people and make $25 per valid sign-up.

Payoneer affiliate program

Payoneer is the only payment service that gave you a free US Bank account, to receive payment as any regular Bank Account,  the money will be transferred directly to your card. So your referrals will love to sign-up for free, get a free Master card with US bank account, and withdraw money at any ATM worldwide.
Another good thing about Payoneer Affiliate program, is that they give free $25 only for invited people, so they encourage you as an affiliate to get more referrals and make a good income. Get your free Master Card, and start earn extra money, as an affiliate.

3. Dreamhost Affiliate Program

I added Dreamhost to the best 10 affiliate programs, for the great two-tier earning. Well, you get paid $97 for every
new sign-up for your direct referrals, but also $5 for each sub-referral that your referral brings in. It’s a great affiliate program with good income.

10 best affiliate programs to earn extra money

Dreamhost is one of the largest web hosting companies since 1997, they have 100 employees, and host one million domains. The minimum payout is $20.

4. Amazon

New site owners and marketer still believe that Amazon is not the right way to earn their leaving, In reality that’s true only if you have content different from Amazon products, but in general you can get big results with them, the only requirements are, hight traffic and good content without spamming. Amazon is the biggest online marketplace for all type of products, however, not all their are able to succeed with all sites, you can give them a try.

5. ClickSure

extra money with clicksure

ClickSure is an affiliate network used by thousands of marketers who make millions promoting products in their sites or directly by advertisement, you can make a good income if you have traffic to your website, if not the best way to make money with ClickSure is to advertise on blogs or networks  to get clicks from there, but the result will amaze you, you earn a good commission from every sale for great products, all you have to do is to join ClickSure for free, select programs to promote and generate traffic to your page.

6. Aweber

Aweber is The best affiliate marketing service to promote, a company online since 1998, and have the optimum e-mail marketing affiliate program.

You earn 30% commissions from your referrals, for life. Remember that every affiliate you invite will pay a monthly subscription, you earn 30% every month for life. Imagine if you have a blog and promote Aweber, and get 10 sign-up per month, you will earn a good income.

7. Cupid Affiliate Program

Cupid is one of the largest dating website, with a great affiliate program, you get paid to refer people who search for
love, marriage or friendship
You get paid up to $176, per sale, and $2 per load, you can choose your favorite plan. They have large promotional
tools to choose from, like banners, pages.

Cupid affiliate program

The best part is that Cupid’s affiliate program let you earn from your referrals, but also you get commissions from your referrals who promote Cupid to make money. So you earn extra money when they sign up and when they make money also.
You can choose from different  niches, what is the best one that make you money. The minimum payout is $50, and they pay you with PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, and Bank Account.

8. iTunes Affiliate Program

As all of us know, Apple is one of the top three biggest technology companies around the world, they have a unique
digital products like iTunes, you can join their affiliate program and make good income when the iTunes application
been downloaded, through your affiliate link.

iTunes Affiliate Program

If you have a music blog or website, you can link directly to iTunes, when a visitor download, iTunes from Apple, you get commission, but also they have other great programs to promote.
Apple pays you with a bank account.

9. eBooks Affiliate Program

There are many popular websites to sell and buy e-books, Amazon, Click Bank… but the only place to be an e-book’s affiliate is ebooks.com.
They have a large number of affiliates and customers; you can join them and earn extra income when you people sell e-books through your link, the commission range between 8% and 15%.
Because e-books are very useful and downloadable, millions of people are buying e-books every day, you can put links on tour site and make a good income, even better than selling products.

10. Fiverr

If you have some time to spend online, let’s say one hour per day, you can earn from your skills, people are searching for hundreds of online freelancer, but the problem is that those sites can give better results than Fiverr.com, ok, you get paid only $5 for your task, but if you have many jobs to offers, you can make goof money from it, there is no limit about needed skills, if you can install a blog, or edit CSS or even tech any lessons online, you can join this great site and start accepting works.

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