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10 Tips to Succeed an Online Business

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Probably you’ve browsed some blogs or websites before coming here, your goal is to find a recipe to succeed your online business. But first, you should know that there are no really things called secrets to succeed a business. But, you can succeed if you think and make the relevant changes before starting.

This won’t make a successful business only, but will save you time and money. So let’s start talking about the simple tips to create a business and succeed.

Succeeding your online business

Think before starting your online Business

If you really want to build a successful business online. You should make it in your mind, the real project will come later. This is the most important step, it will save you time in the future.

You have to take a pen and paper and start writing a list of things about your project, what’s your business name? how much time you need to create your project? and what you need for that project? These are just simple examples comes to my mind now.

You may include people you know who will have a job or can help you in your business. This will start finding new idea that you don’t think about them before, it naturally when you start linking things between them.

Example: I think about online job agency. So, I ‘ll start writing these idea:

  • People, student, moms, disabled, journalist…
  • Magazines, newspaper, media, Radio station…
  • Work from home, easy work, work by category, freelance, hire someone…

Your list of words or things you think in direct or indirect relation with your business will give you a clean map about your project. It seems not clear first, then you will understand why this step is important.

Make a clear Goal

Take your time knowing your project, it’s not just a simple idea to convert into business. You should define your goal, what you want from your project? and what you need to make that goal achievable. This will show you all things and resources that you need.

Don’t make limits to your dreams, but stay in the real wold. You have to know your budget, but this is not the most important thing. You can start with a small budget and make multi-billion business, investors will come if your project attract them later.

If your project is to sell cars online, in your country, why not sell cars worldwide? it needs work to make it real, but it’s achievable. 

Expect the bad to bring the best

You don’t have an idea about the future, today, things are changing everyday, if not every minute, you may have the strongest business in the world. But, you can lose all with a human mistake, if you really love your project you should find things that can destroy it. Of course in your mind, play the role of your business’s enemy. This will stimulate the future and change things or replace others.

Example: let’s say that you have a powerful web hosting business, you should expect people who upload viruses and others who want to hos a spam website etc… So, stimulate a situation where all your servers are attracted, and you have electrical power issues at the same time. You don’t think that this can happen? so think again.

Play two roles

To understand what your customers or visitor or call it what you want, you should put yourself on their places. If you have a business project about a software, you should switch the role to “customer” and forget  that you’re the owner. Thus, you will understand things that business owners can’t see from his own angle and make the relevant changes.

People and Project

The main engine to create your online business is human and not softwares. Software won’t work without you, if you guess that you will work with others, like your friends or people in general, then you should have criteria to select them. But, don’t use old stupid criteria like higher degree or experiences to select them.

NASA has thousands of scientists without master degree or PHP, but they have powerful brains, many things and machines that you use everyday are the result of Michael Faraday, who has a basic education but his brain worth millions of useless people.

Select people who can innovate and create new things, you don’t need people with promises. Your business needs building and not saying things and stop there. If you know people in your family or public regulations who is educated and can help in making your project successful. Select him and tell him what you want.

Ask me what things I can’t do and I will tell you things that I can do

Ask a person “what things he can’t do honestly?” then you can ask things who can do, this will protect your business from destroying mistakes. People won’t reject your work, they take their work and living into consideration, they will lie even if they’re a good person.

So, help them to reject things that are not for them and select the right person who can do that task. This simple tips will build good and trust relations with people who work with you.

Say hello to Google

To make your business online you should think about Googlehe will be your best friend after launching your project, so prepare a plan to get your online business appears on the first page of Google. Don’t think about keywords only but build relations with similar website, you may collaborate with some software owners or companies, they can help you in the future.

Locate your business on the maps

Google itself says that listed your business on his maps, will rank your business higher. People use Google maps to find regional services and find companies in their countries or regions. You can stay focused on international business and show your location on the maps for local searches. Bing also can help you get more traffic through Bing Maps.

Investigate on everything

You don’t own the truth about things in your project, you should ask and find answers and tips. You can search for a question that comes to your mind using Google. You will find new and unexpected great ideas that can help your business growing.

if you have a health project for example, you can join some forums about health, there you can find people also, they’re in the same interest. So, a new easy way to hire people.

Make your project Social

Social networks have a higher impact on your online business growing, people will recommend your product to each other. You remember the one billion Video views of “Gangnam Style”, that historical number of views will not be done without YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. In that case, create social accounts for your business, this will be a  free advertising  itself.

Don’t make comparisons

You should know that many popular companies are  successful by chance. You may think the opposite, but yes, some of these popular companies, where a very small agencies. But, Billionaire investors have skyrocket them because they’ve found the idea great. Don’t compare your business with others, at the same time don’t wait for that chance to comes, just work and work again.

Final Word

To start your online business and succeed you have to think about everything before starting. This will make your business protected against problems, if you take your time on this step, you will succeed, even with some issues. Your project study is not plans only, you have to know and learn other useful things. I hope that I helped  you to find tips to succeed your online business.

Fathi Arfaoui is a Physicist, Blogger and the Founder of this website. He shares WordPress and Blogging tips to build a better blog and succeed online with the right marketing strategies and business in general.


  1. J.T. Smith

    Very well-written post.
    On the “locate Google on Maps” section, do you recommend adding websites to Maps even though they don’t really have a physical location?

    1. Fathi Arfaoui

      Hi J.T. Smith :)
      If a small business owner don’t have an address, the solution is to rent a mailbox service at a UPS Store, even google knows that not all people how run small business can have physical address, so you can rent that mail box and have a real physical address like any other company.

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